Recipe updated: September 16th, 2022

Do you have lower back pain? Are you struggling to find pain relief? I have had lower back pain many times and at first, I didn’t realize the pain I was getting was tied into my hips. My hips were really tight and in turn causing pain in my lower back. I learned this a few years back from a massage therapist that I went to trying to find some relief from the pain. She quickly found that my hip was extremely tight (more so on one side than the other) and contributing to the pain I was having. She showed me this stretch and explained how tight hip muscles can affect your lower back. I had no idea my hip was so tight and didn’t even realize it until I did the yoga ball hip and back stretch that she showed me. She had me lay sideways on the yoga ball and immediately I felt this amazing stretch. As I started doing this hip stretch daily, my lower back pain started to go away!

Yoga ball stretching for back pain and tight hips.
Yoga Balls for Stretching

Have you ever had a really tight hip? Is it hard to loosen up? I know a really great stretch on an exercise ball that can help you.

Lay on Your Side Over the Ball

To do this stretch you should lay your good side over the top of the yoga ball and use your bottom leg to come over the top of your top leg to push it down towards the ground. If your hip is tight, you will definitely feel this stretch. To get the best stretch, you should lay in that position for about 5 minutes. Your hip will immediately feel better. If you have someone to help you, they could push your leg down towards the ground as well. It can be hard to keep your balance when first learning this stretch, so having someone push down your legs will help with the balancing.

*I am writing about this stretch from personal experience. You should remember to always consult a physician before doing any exercises or stretches that may be harmful to you.

Causes of Tight Hips

Have you ever wondered what could be causing your tight hips in the first place? Below I will list some of the most causes. It might be beneficial to change some habits so you can try and avoid tight hip problems in the future.

  • Poor posture while sleeping.
  • Not stretching enough or poor stretching techniques.
  • Your core is weak โ€“ if your core is weak, your hips will compensate and provide stability, thus making them tight. Planks are a great exercise that will help strengthen your abdominal muscles and your core on the back side and on the front side of your body.
  • Sitting down a lot during the day.
Yoga balls on a shelf in a gym.

Easy-to-Follow Steps for the Yoga Ball Hip and Back Stretch

  • Find a yoga ball
  • Place the yoga ball at the side of your body so that your tight hip is on the opposite side of the ball.
  • Lean over the top of the yoga ball so that your body is making an arc across the ball.
  • Reach your bottom foot over your top foot and press down towards the ground as you feel the stretch.
  • Lay in this position for up to 5 minutes – the longer the better.

Other Ideas to Explore for Back Pain

  • Consult a doctor or physical therapist to get approved for some physical therapy. If the stretching method above doesn’t work, you may have a more serious or difficult problem happening in your back that you should get checked out.
  • Change your diet. Sometimes if you have a few extra pounds on your body that could be putting some extra pressure on your spine.
  • Try an Anti-Inflammatory Drink – There are many types of homemade drinks you can make at home that have anti-inflammatory properties that could help your back pain.
  • Avoid excessive sitting. If you work at a computer all day long, consider using a standing desk instead.

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