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Do you have more than one child close in age? If this is true, chances are there will be times when they don’t get along. We tried one latest solution called the Get Along Shirt.

It is a simple idea of both children wearing one shirt together and being “stuck” together. There are a number of online shops that sell these shirts already made up with the test “Our Get Along Shirt” printed across the front.

👕 Get Along Shirt for Siblings

We decided to opt out of buying a shirt, but instead going the free route and using an old t-shirt of their fathers. For this idea, all you have to do is get a large t-shirt of moms’ or dads’ and have the siblings put it on together. Ideas on the internet suggest writing “This is Our Get Along Shirt” or some other creative phrase across the front of it, but we didn’t feel the need to do that. We were not planning on using this idea a lot but wanted to at least give it a try.

For us, this idea was not to punish our kids or have them be quiet, but rather to simply have them try to get along. We told them the sooner they stop fighting with each other and start talking nice, then they can take the shirt off.

Honestly, we only tried this idea a few times, and they only stayed in the shirt for a couple of minutes. Afterward, they found it funny and moved on from the fighting they were doing before. So, in my book, that was a win!

👧 My Kids in Our Get Along Shirt

I just love my oldest daughter’s face in the photo below. While my eldest daughter was not amused, my youngest fully enjoyed being stuck so close to her! She was ready to start getting along already!

My two daughters trying out a homemade version of the get along shirt.
My children first time wearing the get-along shirt. My oldest is not amused.

Some people criticize this idea, saying parents are not concerned with their children’s emotions and would rather them just be quiet. Though this reason could be the case in some situations, it was not with us, and we didn’t even make them be quiet. We put them in the get-along shirt to be close together, so they had to talk to each other and try and actually get along. We were there the entire time with them to help them sort out their emotions. The point, for us, was to show them it is important to talk out your differences and work together to overcome them.

Trying out the get along shirt a second time around.
The second time they wore the get-along shirt, they both found it funny

❓ FAQ’s

What is a Get Along Shirt?

A Get Along Shirt is an oversized t-shirt meant for bickering children, especially siblings. The purpose is to put them in the oversized t-shirt when the siblings are not getting along. The idea is for them to get stuck together until they can learn how to get along.

How Do You Make this T-Shirt for Free?

Making a get a long shirt is easy. If you want the words “This is our get along shirt” written on the front, then I’d suggest buying a plain colored t-shirt in adult XL and using a fabric marker to write the words on there.

Or, if your kid’s father already has an old XL t-shirt, you can just have the kids wear that! That’s what we did!

Where Can I Buy this Novelty Shirt?

There are many options on the internet where you can shop and by a Get Along Shirt, instead of making one yourself. Shop and buy one of these t shirts from a link below. They make great gifts!

🟦 Amazon provides a wide variety of options.
⬛️ Walmart has this get along shirt costume.
🟩 Etsy also has this creative version of the shirt you can buy.

🌸 Alternative Ideas Instead of the Get Along Shirt

If this technique is not right for you and your children, consider trying these alternative ideas:

  • Change the subject and have them play a game together
  • Compete in a game against your parents
  • Don’t compare your kids to each other or to any other child
  • Create an environment of kindness and appreciation
  • Make sure kids have their own personal space, so your child can be alone if they choose to
  • Make sure to compliment the kids when they are getting along
  • Teach about feelings and body language
  • Celebrate acts of kindness for each other

💡 Final Thoughts

The second time my kids wore the get-along shirt, they both found it funny and stopped fighting with each other pretty fast. It is actually a great way to get their minds off of whatever dumb thing they were fighting about, to begin with. The photo above was from about a year and a half after the first time they wore the shirt. I don’t think they have worn it since. Overall, it was a good result for us. If nothing else, it taught our two daughters how to lighten up and realize whatever they were fighting about wasn’t a big deal anyway.

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