DIY Floating Wall Desk With Storage

Building a Floating Wall Desk With Storage

In my oldest daughter’s room, there is the perfect nook area to build a floating wall desk. She used to have a small Ikea desk on wheels that would get super cluttered and it would move all around. There was also nowhere to store her stuff. She needed something different like a floating wall desk. So I decided that I wanted to build her a permanent¬†desk in that nook area that took up the whole space. I also wanted the desk to open so she could put away stuff she was working on so it doesn’t look as messy and cluttered. The end result turned out amazing.

floating desk nook area
The nook area in my daughter’s room.


For the floating wall desk project you will need the following supplies:

  • 2×4’s
  • 1×12 pinewood common boards
  • decorative hinges
  • wood filler
  • screws
  • wood stain


You will need the following tools:

  • drill
  • pocket hole jig
  • miter saw
  • sander
  • level

Directions for the DIY Floating Wall Desk

The first thing you are going to want to do is to measure the area for the floating wall desk.

Then cut the 2×4’s to fit in the nook area as a frame. Screw the 2×4’s direction into the studs on each wall. For the 2×4 in front, I used a pocket hole jig to be able to screw it into the left and right side 2×4’s already attached to the wall. I went ahead and stained this part of the desk now since it will be harder to do once the top of the desk is attached. Not seen in the picture below is one more 2×4 that I added in the middle of the desk going from the front to the back. This gave the desk a little more support and it allowed the inside of the desk to have a separation and gave it two spaces to store stuff.

floating desk frame
The framing of the desk with wood stain applied.

The next step is to cut your common boards to fit the space. Measure the space between the walls and cut your common boards down to size. I stained the common boards prior to attaching them to the desk. After the stain dried, I then screwed the boards directly into the 2×4’s. I used a Countersink Drill Bit Set (affiliate) to pilot hold where I was going to screw the common boards down. This way after I screwed in the boards, I could put some wood filler over the top of the screw and hide the screws. You can see on the top of the boards in the picture below, where I filled in the screw holes with wood filler. Now you DO NOT want to screw in the common board closest to you because this will be the board that opens and closes to access the storage area. This board in the front will be attached with hinges on both the left and right sides.

diy floating wall desk
Common boards attached and wood filler over the screws.

Now, it is time to put the hinges on the front common board. I put two small decorative hinges on each side of the desk.

floating wall desk hinges
Hinges on the desk.

Underneath the desk, you need to attach a thin piece of board so the desk has a bottom to it. I found a piece in the scrap pile at Home Depot that worked perfectly after using the table saw to cut it down to size. I used wood glue and hammer and nails to attach it to the 2×4’s under the desk.

underneath floating wall desk
The bottom of the desk.

You can now decorate the desk and put things in the storage area.

finished floating wall desk
The finished floating wall desk.
finished floating wall desk with storage
Inside the floating wall desk.

My daughter loves her new desk as do I! I am very pleased with the final result and I wish I had a desk like this in my room when I was growing up!

I wish my youngest daughter’s room had this same nook area in her room so I could build her an identical desk, but it doesn’t. I’m still going to build her a floating desk in her room, but I haven’t figured out how I am going to do it yet. Stay tuned.

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